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Sound Understanding have access to an extensive pool of high-quality broadcasters and I was impressed that they took the time to understand our audience demographic in order to tailor the mix of ages and accents appropriately. Quality and attention to detail has been a real hallmark of our relationship with Sound Understanding. Recordings are turned around quickly and within the agreed timeframes but always to the highest of standards. The team go to great efforts to ensure pronunciations are correct and will query content which is in any way unclear or may contain a typo rather than simply record it unquestioningly.
Martin Fishman
Chartered Banker Institute: Head of Member and Partnership Engagement
Our partnership with Sound Understanding is the cornerstone of our audio business Partnering with Sound Understanding has been the key to launching our own audio imprint. The dedication and commitment of the team has made it a joy to produce over fifty audiobooks with their studio, and their preparation and attention to detail are second-to-none. From casting to text editing, recording to proof-listening, and provision of files, every interaction is smart, fun, and puts our books at the centre of the process. They have been generous with their expertise and have proven their worth many times over.
Kim Williams
Digital & Audio Publisher, Princeton University Press

Audible 5*
Review of Why Trust Science?

By contrast, this is the perfect example of a production. Female narration for female authors and vice versa (Oreskes presents her arguments then several academics respond). The narration places emphasis where it is needed, gives the topics life and power, and genuinely rewards the listener with a greater understanding of the material as a result. Academic work needs narrators that truly understand what they are reading, where to place emphasis, how to pronounce technical terminology, and the ability to bring life to complex material. Too many audiobook producers seem not to understand this and I am sometimes left to wonder if they have actually auditioned the narrator at all. Not here - this is excellent.
Naomi Oreskes
Published by Princeton University Press
“Sound Understanding has been a fantastic partner throughout the launch of our audio production. They have simplified the process for us and have handled all the heavy lifting, freeing our team up to focus on their core responsibilities. They have been great at getting talent, from stars for our bigger books to great narrators for our more modest titles. Our audio program is very strong thanks to them.”
Nikko Odiseos
President, Shambhala Publications
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