Are you a publisher of academic or non-fiction books and looking for an audio production company that can do justice to your books in audio?

Are you a membership organization or chartered institution considering different ways of adding value to your members?

Are you a non-fiction publisher daunted by the prospect of launching an audio programme?

Are you a CPD training company looking for ways to engage your students by offering your content in an alternative format?

Sound Understanding

is an audio production company specializing in non-fiction books and articles. Our primary objective is to produce audiobooks of the highest quality that reflect the thought and expertise that has gone into writing them. This requires attention to detail at every stage of production. Our team has years of experience as producers, editors, proofers, researchers, and writers. We approach each manuscript with a focus on how we can create an optimal listening experience while ensuring integrity to the text. We also work with academics, and, where necessary, will involve subject-matter experts.

With access to both physical studios and an extensive home recording network, Sound Understanding can guarantee that we will meet your publication deadlines, even when faced with challenges such as Covid-19 restrictions.

What makes us different?

The production process is at the heart of our business. It is the rigor of the end-to-end process that makes Sound Understanding unique and guarantees the high quality of the final product. 

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