We differentiate our audio by:

Broadcast-quality production

Voiced by professional broadcasters and actors

Thoughtful editorial and brand management

Audio clips for social media

Distribution plans either behind or in front of a paywall

Sound Understanding Explained


You have a problem … the people you need to communicate with are too busy to read the work you have prepared for them. We have a solution – an audio version that you can send directly to the key clients or post on your web site.

Thought Leadership is an evolving science. If you are a consultant you will be ahead of the game in terms of new ideas and new ways of working…. but what is the best way of communicating your ideas with your clients? The answer is of course, talking to them, but that’s not always practical. So, if you have spent hours, maybe weeks, or even months planning a new strategic approach and you have written a blog, a white paper, an entire newsletter, or a book then Sound Understanding can help. We take your written word and return it to you as a sound file, beautifully crafted as a podcast or an entire audio book.

Sound Understanding can solve the ‘no time to read’ problem for your hyperkinetic intellectual clients. Your ideas will be the voice in their ear.

Membership Organisations

Your challenge is how to keep your membership engaged.

Your membership magazine or newsletter is often lost in a pile of other information that swamps your members. Sometimes they scan the digital version but haven’t got time to read the articles they need to know about. Often your beautifully written and valuable membership magazine is left under the desk and never taken out of its plastic bag.

Membership Engagement is an art as well as a science. An audio version of your membership magazine will provide you with the diagnostics of what articles are listened to, and a new communication tool that makes your words heard. A Sound Understanding audio edition of your magazine provides the voice of your brand in the ears of your members.

Trade Publishers

Audio used to be a ‘nice extra’ in the publishing programme..

The growth of hyperkinetic lifestyles and

  • mobile listening
  • on-demand technology in the car disrupting linear radio listening
  • at home, voice-activated speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home creating new opportunities for audio products

means that audio is a ‘must have’.

High quality non-fiction books need special care and consideration. The listener can hear if the audio book is read by someone who doesn’t understand what they are reading. At Sound Understanding we only use intelligent readers so the listener has a quality experience when they buy your audio version. Sound Understanding has the editorial skills to translate print diagrams into the spoken word. We have a pronunciation team par excellence. We relish the intellectual and highbrow. We cherish the books that provide new ideas and learning.

Audio is a rapidly growing communications tool and we are the experts to help you.

Our clients include

Chartered Banker
Hodder and Stoughton
Kantar Media
Kogan Page
Little Brown
London Business School
National Trust
Princeton University Press

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